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Jessy Laine Peters, owner and chef of Lainey's culinary specialties


& Chef

Jessy Laine Peters

Lainey’s Culinary Specialties was founded by Jessy Laine Peters whose love for food has been flourishing since childhood.

Born in a small town in Southern Oregon, and raised by quite the foodie family, she was lucky enough to express her creative side in the kitchen at a young age. From cooking over open fires with her father to baking delicacies with her grandmother, the kitchen has always been, and still remains her happy place.

Prior to starting Lainey’s Culinary Specialties, Jessy explored the food and beverage world in New York City. She worked as a server and bartender and then made her way into management, opening and operating restaurants, and designing specialty cocktail menus across NYC and Puerto Rico.  

Throughout her restaurant experience, Jessy discovered new cultures, flavors and techniques which she brought home to experiment with. Her creative freedom led her to new creations which is what you will find in your culinary specialties from Lainey’s.

Jessy now works back home in Southern Oregon with her husband Jonathan Cruz, a fellow chef, to create unique items to share with the world, and to inspire fellow foodies to get cooking.

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